Group drumming experiences enable teams to learn together, develop team work and create momentum for sustainable organizational change. A natural organizer and energizer, rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for team work that result in group synergy, leadership and developing a positive group dynamic. We bring inclusion to life within the team environment, as participants are encouraged to explore with the djembe, while remaining an integral part of the group.

    At the same time, the positive energy generated by drumming acts as an excellent antidote to the stresses often generated in the workplace - and the freedom of expression that arises from drumming can give people a new and fresh perspective on their job roles, their colleagues and their work environments.

    We understand that every event is unique and we are committed to working with you to develop the ideal team building experience for your company or group. Our team building workshops are ideal for conferences, meetings, Christmas parties, seminars, product launches, ice-breakers, retreats and all corporate events. We can organize workshops for any number of people, from small groups up to large gatherings of well over 20 people in sessions. We will bring an African djembe drum for each participant direct to your venue or we can help arrange a suitable venue for you.

  • school workshops

    We offer energetic and engaging programs for schools that are both educational and fun for all ages. We provide insight into traditional African culture and the importance of music both to that culture and to our own society.

    The workshop is all hands-on and teaches students traditional African drumming, songs and body-percussion. Our instructors include renowned master drummers from West Africa with years of teaching experience. We will lead the group on an entertaining, rhythm filled journey, using drumming and music to teach about Africa and its Indigenous cultures. Even the most difficult audience will be engaged! Our workshops can be tailored to fit your school’s curriculum, and can work towards a performance of the repertoire learnt during the program such as Arts Weeks, graduation ceremony or celebration of cultural diversity and African studies. We bring drums and percussion instruments for all participants up to 40.

    The workshops and performances are suitable for all educational levels and are formulated to:
    Encourage students to work together as a team
    Enhance hand-eye coordination
    Enhance creativity through dance
    Enhance listening skills
    Expose students to musical traditions from West Africa and the role music plays within the West African culture
    Release stress
    Overcome inhibitions and promote confidence
    Break down social, gender, age and cultural differences
    Foster left/right brain integration

    Duration: 30min to 1 hour as required, We can offer multiple sessions.

  • community workshops

    Group Drumming' is a fun, positive and interactive experience that invites participation and team work while giving people an immediate sense of gratification, a sense of belonging, and helps to relieve stress, boost immunity, build confidence and make a connection with others through the universal language of music! Given the proven ability of drumming to enhance individual well-being and create positive shared experiences, Soul Rhythms’ drumming workshops are ideal for benefiting community groups.

    Our fully interactive drum and music sessions are great for celebrating special events and for building community. We specialize in community drumming playshops for all occasions. Tailor-made to address specific issues, they can focus on improved self-esteem and better group communications - plus they provide a unique shared opportunity for musical expression in harmony with friends and fellow community members.

    A natural healer, rhythm and drumming provide powerful health benefits and metaphors for life, community and culture that will leave participants feeling relaxed, uplifted and inspired to create healthier lifestyles and life choices. Our community based clients can include Community Based Organizations, nonprofit, clubs and all forms of groups that makes up a community.