Join us for a fun, high-energy and uplifting drumming! Anyone can drum! Drumming is fun, therapeutic and a meditative outlet. You can learn to drum, have fun, feel the rhythm, connect with you own energy on a deeper level, feel the freeness and rejuvenation from within.

    WE offer hand drumming classes for all levels, from people who have never touched a drum before to professional-level players with years of experience. Also suitable for those with no or limited experience in hand drumming. Enjoy a fun, high-energy class focusing on the basics of hand-drumming techniques (bass, tone, slap), being able to play together, developing groove, control & listening skills, follow rhythmic patterns while being able to hold an individual part, learning full rhythms and simple solos in a relaxed, fun environment!

    The djembe is an instrument just about anyone can learn. The learning curve is somewhat different to other instruments

    What you can expect from the Classes:
    Having fun
    learning basic technique on the djembe (bass, tone and slap)
    Working on timing
    Comfortable Lively Atmosphere
    Enthusiastic Students and friendly teacher
    Cultural Enrichment in the Arts Advancements in your playing — no matter what skill level!

    Beginners or New to Drumming (Djembe) and hand-drum
    All Levels. A fun, high-energy class focusing on the basics of hand-drumming. Series recommended as class is progressive.


    Our dance class provide a full-body workout while giving you the freedom to express yourself to the powerful beat of African traditional music. The classes are accompanied by live drumming and comprise an energetic warm-up and then learning of traditional West African dance choreography. Definitely for anyone who is looking for a fun way to keep fit as well as enjoy an invigorating cultural experience. You will learn how to respond to djembe phrases and the types of moves that accompany particular rhythms. Most dances taught originate in Guinea, and some from Ghana, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso. Angie is an amazing teacher who brings a wealth of experience and a true passion for dance who will make you feel welcomed and inspired!


    Children tots young people and adults can often adapt easily to rhythms without even knowing it, and our drumming classes are designed to help them explore their individual musical abilities, as well as improve upon their learning skills, confidence and promoting creativity amongst themselves. We work with Infant and youths as well as adultsfrom the ages of 12 month and up .